The World Options Terms & Conditions are focused on the relationship between You as the ordering party of transport and shipping services and the Franchisees of World Options as the shipping facilitator that have ensure that you have access to shipping services predominately through our online shipping portal and those services are ultimately provided by the carriers, transportation or shipping companies that you select to use through the online shipping portal.

We also have the Terms of Service and this focus on the relationship between World Options, World Options Franchisees and You as the ordering party, please see the Terms of Services for more details.

When we ask you to accept our Terms & Conditions in our online shipping portal, you accept our Terms & Conditions, Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.


Any person that has a World Options “user name” and “log in” to our online shipping portal and uses the services of World Options is an authorized representative of your company and can spend on shipping costs on the World Options online shipping portal.

By ordering services from World Options, you, and your company, recognize, accept and understand that you will not receive transportation services directly from World Options, but that You will receive services directly from the selected carriers, transportation or shipping companies to the agreed prices displayed by World Options. Those prices are only valid for the search and based upon the information you have provided, such as, but not limited to weight, pieces, dimension, pick-up and delivery point.

You agree not to resell the services of World Options to other companies and you agree to immediately notify World Options if another company is found to be using your World Options account. You agree that any quoted rates may change if the characteristics of the actual shipment differ from those reported by you such as: weight, dimension, commodity or any other conditions not accurately described at the time the shipment is processed.

Subject to the Terms and Conditions of Carriers

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION, World Options is not the carrier of any of the shipment and You agree that all shipments are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the carriers that you have chosen. You agree to become familiar with each carrier’s Terms and Conditions, which can be found on each courier’s websites and/or air waybills prior to tendering any shipments. In the event of a claim, please contact your local World Options contact and they will help you with the claim that needs to be in writing and we will transmit the claim to the carrier, but as mentioned the outcome of any claims handling will be determined sole by the carrier.

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