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World Options International was created as a joint venture between: Stewart Butler: World Options UK , James Edwards: World Options USA , Ulrik Topp: World Options Netherlands, Dirk Kruisinga: World Options Belgium and Malcolm Rees: World Options Australia.

All five leaders make up the board of directors of World Options International. Each with their own unique skills, they have all been involved in bringing about global transformation within the shipping industry across multiple countries over the past 30 years.

Utilising their diverse skills, experience and carrier relationships within the shipping industry to drive forward World Options International.

To find out more about our Company Directors, visit Meet the team page.


World Options International Ltd. is a 50/50 Joint Venture between World Options Holding Ltd. and IXTrans Global Pte Ltd, managed by individuals with many years’ experience in Logistics, Technology, Sales, Finance, Marketing and Franchising. The company directors formed the companies due to their similar shipping backgrounds and experience which were very complementary to each-other. This made the joint business a strong force in reselling best in class carriers to small and medium size businesses.

World Options Holding is the older Joint Venture partner established in 2003 by Stewart Butler one of the original founders leading the UK office.

James Edwards joined the business in 2013 as a franchisee, he quickly got involved in the management of the business in the UK and is now located in the USA where is leads World Options Inc, in Atlanta.

IXTrans was formed in Singapore by Malcolm Rees in 2009, this later expanded to become IXTrans Global.

In 2014 and 2015 Dirk Kruisinga and Ulrik Topp created of the Simple2Ship in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Both businesses, World Options Holding Ltd. and IXTrans Global Pte Ltd. had the same vision and aim, therefore they became natural Joint Venture partners. The Joint Venture World Options International Ltd. was formed in April 2017, with a very simple concept:

To provide a fast, reliable, userfriendly online shipping system at great prices to business customers across its global locations.

The businesses in Belgium and the Netherlands was then transferred to the Joint Venture.

In 2017 World Options Australia office was created by Malcom Rees, providing the same competitive online shipping to the Australian small to medium business market.

Our aim for 2018 is to firmly establish Belgium, Netherlands, Australia and the USA offices in their individual markets as well as further expand the World Options International foot print in additional markets globally.

With strong carriers relationships in the shipping industry we pride ourselves in providing international shipping consultancy service to our customers. We work closely with the world’s leading carriers to meet their needs.

An industry-leading online system

World Options have created an industry-leading online system that allows businesses to do everything digitally.

Pioneers in the shipping industry, World Options have invested heavily in the online shipping portal, so that all of our customers’ needs can be met with the click of a mouse. Businesses can log in and view multiple quotes between carriers in seconds, make an instant booking, get access to flexible tracking options, and rely upon a dedicated account manager, just a phone call away.

The online shipping portal was created by Stewart Butler of World Options in the UK, this provides the technology to all World Options International countries globally. Stewart had a vision and knew that there had to be a better way, to streamline shipping via one online system. He saw that things needed to change in order to move away from what was previously a very time-consuming, manual process of shipping. So with hard work and technology knowhow the World Options online shipping portal was born, we are pleased to have this technology available to our business customer and work together to further improve it.

Better shipping rates for businesses

An important goal for us has always been to offer our business customers significantly better shipping rates than they would otherwise expect.

Over the years we have built excellent relationships with the major carriers in the industry. Our carrier partners across the World Options global offices vary, they comprise of the world's leading carrier brands, which include: UPS, TNT, Couriers Please, StarTrack, Capital Transport and Hi Trans. These relationships, combined with the fact that we offer our customers the chance to harness the power of bulk buying, means that our customers have the opportunity to save considerable amounts of money on their shipping requirements.

Having access to multiple carriers is unique for small to medium size enterprises and managing this on an individual basis can be difficult. World Options offers business customers a unique shipping platform, that helps them book shipments in just a few clicks with access to competitive carriers rates, transit times, collection and delivery plus invoices within one system, we provide “Shipping Made Simple”.

Franchising opportunities

World Options have expand the business rapidly through franchising - offering motivated, driven individuals who want to start a business the opportunity to join World Options as a franchisee.

Our franchisees build relationships with businesses that require shipping services, and then help them understand how they can save time and money by using the World Options online portal.

Our concept is executed through a network of World Options Franchisees that are the local advisers and account managers to their customers who are small to medium size businesses. They ensure that the customers are provided all the customer support and guidance needed to ship their goods via the World Options online shipping portal.

If you’re interested in the huge earnings potential and freedom that comes with being a World Options franchisee, visit our franchisee page or download our prospectus.

What can World Options do for your business?

We know small, growing companies can be pulled from pillar to post when trying to meet the demands of their customers, suppliers and staff, as well as other financial and commercial commitments.

While we can’t relieve all of your work pressures, we can help make sure that logistics is never again the cause of any needless business headaches. That’s why we exist: to offer you access to the lowest shipping rates possible, along with an easy-to-use system, so you can focus more of your time, efforts and resources on other parts of your business.

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World Options in the Community

Corporate and social responsibility (CSR) is extremely important to us, and we are constantly striving to help our employees develop, our local community to flourish and the charities and organisations that are important to us to grow as much as possible.

To find out more about our work in the community, visit this page

Our People

World Options is led by a team of people who have decades of experience in the international shipping and courier industries.

Meet the team and find out more about their experience and expertise by visiting our People page.

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If you have a question for us, feel free to get in touch with the team. Simply call 010-3400360 or visit our contact page and complete the online contact form.

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