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User Details Name: Helen
Job Title: Office Manager
Location: North East, UK
Type of company: Middlesbrough Engineering Company
Types of Shipping Needs: UK Domestic and Export to Europe
Shipping Frequency: 1 – 2 Shipments per week

The Problem:

What caused you to look for a solution like the World Options online shipping portal?

I wasn’t really looking, World Options contacted me and told me about their online shipping portal. I was having a few problems with our current shipping solution so I thought why not.

What issues were you experiencing before you chose to start using World Options?

We were booking shipments by placing orders directly through one carrier. We were having problems with the reliability of the service - shipments were going missing and we were let down on quite a few occasions.

Before the call from World Options I wasn’t aware there was an online shipping solution which would give me the choice of using multiple carriers at different rates and delivery times in one place.

Were you implementing or undergoing specific projects that required a solution like ours?

No not really, we have regular weekly shipments which are ongoing.

What Matters to You:

When choosing a shipping supplier - What matters to you? Is it: Reliability, Convenience, Service or Price?

Reliability is what matters the most to our business, we don’t want to let customers down. I found our previous provider on a number of occasions to be unreliable, our parcels sometimes wouldn’t get collected and wouldn’t reach our customers, which would cause me quite a bit of stress in my job. I would say price is also a key factor after reliability.

What benefits did you want to achieve with a solution?

I wanted something that would provide a good service to our customers, that was more reliable, cheaper, hassle free and a more pleasant experience to use.

Why did you choose World Options over other competitors?

It sounded like a useful tool for our business which would save me time, hassle and I wanted to see if it would be a more reliable shipping provider.

Using World Options online shipping portal

How easy was the implementation of our online shipping solution and how long did it take?

It was fairly easy, I needed our account manager from World Options to go through it and show me how it worked, but it didn’t take me long to get the hang of it.

Did you have any challenges implementing the portal? If so how did we help you overcome them?

At the beginning, I once ticked a box by mistake and needed some help making sure I’d selected all the correct options. But once I’d booked a few shipments I was fine.

Are there particular features within the online shipping portal that you like the most?

Yes, the address book is very easy to use. All your contacts are stored in the system, your customers' names and addresses are all in one place, so I don’t have to re-enter any information into the system, or duplicate work. With my previous supplier, I’d have to add customers' addresses in every time, which can be quite tedious and time consuming. The label printing is also very easy - one click and you can print your label and stick it on your parcel, it is handy and quicker to use.

Can you provide examples of ways you’re using the portal?

We make grinding engineering parts that customers order from us, or that they might sent to us to repair and then send back. Most of our customers are in the UK, with a few in Europe. So at least once a week we package the parts that need shipping and book it through the World Options portal in around 3-5 minutes.

Our World Options account manager advised me that if I book before a specific time I am able to get better rates, so that’s what I do. As a result I’m saving us half of what we used to spend by doing this.

The items are collected by the carrier of our choice and I feel more relaxed that our shipment will get to our customers. So, there is very little hassle involved.

Benefits and Results

What benefits have you seen since implementing the World Options online shipping portal?

Everything benefits us, it definitely without a doubt makes our lives easier, less stressful, more effective, efficient and transparent. I am really happy with the service.

If there’s ever a problem I call our account manager and he gets onto it to help us resolve it.

What specific results have you seen since implementing the solution?

It saves us around £500 a year, which is amazing. I didn’t even think we were overpaying before. I am also spending about one-third less time booking our shipments than before.

What metrics do you use to measure success?

Success for me is that I feel good and happy to know that all our shipments are taken care of and have been dealt with. Once an order has been booked, you get a notification and my customers also get an email notification too to let them know that their shipment will be on its way to them soon.

The World Options online shipping portal works! It comes together easily and everything can be done quickly and efficiently.

What process improvements have you seen, such as increased productivity and reduced costs?

We have reduced our shipping costs, and it’s just not a hassle anymore.

What has been the best thing about using the World Options online portal?

I think it’s marvellous. I’ve had another company contact me who do a similar thing but I’m not interested because I’m really happy with the service. It’s changed the way I work and has actually helped me in my job. It’s more efficient and we have never had that choice of carriers before.

Would you recommend it to other businesses out there like yours who are struggling to find the right shipping solution for their business?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it. It’s just great.

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