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Online shopping has changed the way consumers buy products, and this huge increase in demand for online shopping has meant the need for delivery services has also increased.

This is where World Options come in. We offer businesses that have shipping needs a first-class online parcel delivery service at the click of a mouse, via an online shipping portal. We:

  • Use the largest courier companies in the world to deliver goods for businesses.
  • Ship to and from all most local and international locations to bring business customers the best courier service on offer.
  • Harness the power of bulk buying to deliver lower courier costs within our online portal.
  • Save our customers time and money, whilst improving their shipping experience.

The World Options online shipping portal helps to solve business customers' logistics problems. The portal connects with leading carriers to provide online quote comparison in seconds and enables the business customer to book shipments online easily, creating a loyal and long lasting customer base.

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What a franchisee does

When you become a World Options franchisee, it is your job to find new business customers who require online shipping services and introduce them to use the World Options online portal.

You will build relationships with them and demonstrate how to place orders online. Once this is done, the business is encouraged to activate an account and they instantly become your customer. You look after them and the system does the rest.

The more parcels your business customer ships through the online portal, the more you earn. It’s that simple!

We are offering hard working, business-minded individuals, who are looking to become their own boss, the opportunity to join World Options as a franchise business owner.

About the non-exclusive franchise model

We are very different to a lot of franchise opportunities that require you to purchase one franchise in one location and restrict you to selling products and services and operating only in that one territory. In franchise opportunities like that, there are strict boundaries that mean if you are in a quiet location with very few potential customers there is only so much you can do to grow your business.

Furthermore, if there are a lot of competitors who offer similar products and services in your territory it can be quite challenging. With these restricted franchise opportunities, if you want to work in other territories then you are required to buy additional franchises which can be quite costly.

At World Options this is not the case, because we offer you a non-exclusive franchise.

A non-exclusive franchise - also known as a non-geographic franchise - allows you to offer World Options products and services literally anywhere in the Netherlands. There are no territorial or geographical restrictions regardless of where you are.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to build your customer base and grow as a business.

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